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Face-to-Face Training

Focusing on the key areas which determine a services success, manage its risks and help its staff to thrive in the face of rising expectation and demand

Guest Speaking

Conferences, Symposiums or Management Forums.

Popular topics:

Clinical Governance – Improving staff and service performance;

Smart Risk Management – Who is responsible, you are;

Defensible Documentation – surviving in a world of increasing expectation.

Online Training

To enable the sharing of knowledge at any time, on any day. Suited for those who wish to learn and designed in short meaningful sessions


If you seek simplicity over complexity. Effectiveness over confusion.

We can help with Clinical Governance, Risk and Incident Management processes. Need a independent party to resolve complaints, performance manage staff, mediate conflict or prepare you for coronial investigations – we can help


1:1 teaching and support. Help, when time is of the essence, to improve leadership, adapt behaviour or enable return to work after emotional or disciplinary leave.


1:1 Mentoring via face-to-face, telephone or online. Help to manage staff, build teams, lead, implement skills, manage risk or lead quality improvement. We can match you with the person who has the skills and experience to help.