Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is compliant and informed by Australian Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, Compilation No.70, Registered 12 April 2016. The definitions used in this policy can be found in this Act


PHI: Refers to Preventing Harm Initiative Pty Ltd.

The policy covers the collection, use and sharing of information associated with the website and the provision of services provided by Preventing Harm Initiative (PHI) Pty Ltd.

Collection, storage and use of personal information

 PHI collects and stores names, addresses, phone numbers, organisational details, positions and email addresses from parties receiving a product, service or information requests from PHI. This information:

  • is stored on a secure server
  • is used to process and provide you with information related to your order
  • is used to provide people and organisation’s with information on their past purchases, services or information requests. This information can be obtained by emailing
  • is used to send you information on products and services, which can be opted out of at your written request.
  • will be deleted at your personal written request. Notification of deletion will be provided.
  • is not shared with third parties unless required for legal reasons in accordance with Australian Law.


 Credit card information is collected by PHI in the event the purchaser chooses to delegate secure credit gateway payment to PHI. This information:

  • is used to process payments through secure payment gateways and not shared with any other external person or organisation;
  • is deleted once purchase payment is completed. Notification of deletion will be provided.


If you believe your information has been utilised in a fraudulent manner. Please notify PHI and your financial institution. Investigation, correction or reconstitution can be negotiated.

PHI does not collect health information



Please email if you have any concerns, questions, feedback or complaints about the use of your personal information.