Mindful Leadership



An opportunity to lead with excellence

Stress is the No. 1 risk to effective leadership. It leads people away from success and into conflict, negativity, poor outcomes and customer service.

Mindful leadership is the technique used by successful people to thrive in stressful environments, support their staff – not damage them. This training will show how to successfully use it to proactively combat stress in your life and workplace


 “Are you someone

         people want to work with?” 

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Mindful Leadership

Presenter: Cheryl Lambert

Bachelor of Arts: Economics, Politics and Management

Leadership & Governance Consultant and Founder Mindful Bodywork

Cheryl is uniquely positioned to bring together her passion for mindfulness and leadership, having served as an officer in the RAAF and as a senior manager driving service improvement in public health, mental health and disability services, before founding Mindful Bodywork.

Specialist in governance and leadership


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